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Providing a Home Away From Home

Locally and privately owned in Sterling, IL, Parkway Center creates a space suitable for individuals to freely live life to the fullest. We strive to promote independence while providing assistance through care and compassion. Whether your loved one is under our sheltered care or independent living, they will always receive the independence they need to enjoy all that life has to offer.

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Granting You The Freedom to Live Your Life

We understand that every resident has their own story, so we grant them with the freedom to write their own here at Parkway Center. Residents are given many opportunities to fill their days with activities or seek relaxation in the privacy of their own apartment, coming and going as desired. We promise to care for your loved one and bring comfort, convenience, and happiness into their long, rich, and colorful lives.


“I enjoy my apartment at Parkway Center.Everything is convenient; there are no long hallways to bother with. The housekeeping staff is always so helpful, it makes life a breeze. And the meals are good, I like not having to plan meals and cook every day.

I have plenty to do to keep me busy with all the different activities and outing offered.

I do have one complaint…I can’t seem to win any money on the dark slot machine in the our Pub!”

– Betty Bucher

“It is wonderful to have a wonderful and caring place for my father which resembles a home environment, instead of a conventional nursing home. He is very happy at Parkway and our family is very pleased to have him living that.”

-Dave Murray

“All my friends at the Senior Center said this is where I should move when they knew I needed some help. I checked it out. They were right, and they’re really smart. Parkway is number 1!”

-Hannah Winge

“I like my apartment and the independence to come and go when I want. There’s always so much to do here, so many activities to choose from, and lots of people to do them with. I’m happy Parkway is my home now.”

-Kathryn Quimby

“I have my own place on the first floor with lots of my things, I come and go when I want and see my family a lot, we’re able to do more fun things together now which is kind of nice. Parkway had a steak cook-out on the patio. All my kids came. We had a real good time. I even had a beer!

Having a nurse here all the time to check my blood sugar makes my kids happy. Now they don’t have to worry about me so much.”

-Charles Stern

For more information about Parkway Center, please contact us at (815) 626-1121.

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