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Our Home is Your Home

Parkway Center in Sterling, IL has redefined what an assisted living facility can offer. Each resident here lives a life of independence with the freedom to experience dozens of amenities and many daily activities. It’s all provided with the same level of comfort and care they’d receive from their own families.

Sheltered Care

Licensed by the State of Illinois, our Sheltered Care is the perfect place to receive close, individualized attention to maintain proper daily living and personal care. They can opt for one of our 29 beds or their own private room. 

Residents will be tended to 24-hours a day by a caring nursing staff that consists of a Licensed Nurse and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). They administer any medication as necessary, as well as deliver three meals a day. Those living in Sheltered Care will also have full access to all utilities (except for a telephone) and weekly housekeeping and laundry.

Independent Living

The second and third stories of our facility are dedicated to our Independent Living Apartments. Residents who live here can still care for themselves and administer their own medication to live independently. Our one bedroom apartments are available in several variations of layouts, based on square footage to meet your spatial needs.

Residents in Independent Living must pay month to month rent, they have more amenities including an attached garage and kitchenettes. For safety, each resident has their own emergency call system. Just like those living in Sheltered Care, residents of Independent Living also have access to all utilities and activities.

Please call (815) 626-1121 for apartment availability and rates.



Our ten passenger and wheelchair accessible transportation vans are available to take you to and from your appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Juanita’s Beauty Shop

Look and feel confident right here at Parkway Center. Residents can visit our onsite beautician on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Friday. Schedule your appointment today by calling (815) 626-1121 

Gift Shop

Expecting a visitor? Our quaint little gift shop offers an eclectic array of greeting cards and decorative items, perfect for gift giving or just browsing.

Koster Korner

Residents can keep busy with dozens of relaxing games, puzzles, cards, sewing and crafts, while they enjoy each other’s company.


Spend quality time catching up with other residents, families, and visitors over a cup of coffee and delicious baked goods at our Bistro.


Parkway Center offers a variety of activities that meet the social, spiritual, and recreational needs of our residents. From celebrating special occasions to book clubs, we provide an exciting and engaging environment that makes life at Parkway Center a home.

Baking Group
Men’s Club
Scheduled Outings
Sewing Club

Happy Hour
Card Playing
Bible Studies

Exercise Equipment
Monthly Newsletter

Birthday Parties
Crafts & Card Making
Book Clubs

We always welcome ideas for new and fun activities. If residents want to lead an activity, Parkway Center will sponsor it!

For more information about Parkway Center, please contact us by calling (815) 626-1121 today.

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