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Parkway Center - Sterling, IL
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About Parkway Center

Parkway Center is the only privately and locally owned independent living facility in the Sterling, IL area. It was originally founded by Richard & Juanita Prescott in 1987 and is currently owned by Bryan and Marce Haas. Their goal was to create a facility where residents could live life to the fullest and forget about the stress of housework, yard maintenance, laundry, and meal preparation. After Parkway Center earned its Certificate of Need by the State of Illinois in December of 1986, the first resident moved into the facility in August of 1987.

Job Description

This is responsible technical work preparing, seasoning, and cooking meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, soups, and desserts. Work includes handling and preparation of food in accordance with sanitary regulations. Work involves the preparation of food that is palatable and appetizing in appearance. Work is performed under the direction of the Dietary Manager who reviews work for timeliness, palatability, and overall results.


(This is not absolute or restrictive, but indicates approximate duties and responsibilities which may be redefined pursuant to operational needs.)

  • Prepares food items for cooking; peels, trims and cuts vegetables and fruit; washes, cuts, bones and trims meat, fish, and fowl and cuts them into individual uniform portions; follows recipes; mixes ingredients; adds condiments; plans cooking schedule; meets cooking schedule.
  • Bakes, roasts, stews and steam cooks meat, fish, fowl; determines cooking methods; bastes meat and fowl to retain flavor; test cooked food by taste and smell to determine proper cooking and seasoning; prepares gravies, dressings, sauces and soups; prepares cold meats, sandwiches, pancakes, cooked cereals, and hot and cold beverages.
  • Carves portions of meat, fish, fowl for individual servings; applies gravy, sauce or garnish; prepares food for distribution to serving units; dishes up servings according to menu combinations or residents order; assists in setting up and filling meal trays and steam tables; prepares salads; assists Dietary Manager in estimating food
    needs and requisition of supplies; prepares desserts, pastries, breads, and cakes.

Physical Demands & Work Environment

  • Work is clean, well-lighted and ventilated kitchen. Atmosphere is warm and humid from cooking foods. Subject to possible burns from hot foods and utensils and cuts from knives. Standing, walking, stooping, reaching, bending, climbing stairs and carrying food and kitchen equipment up to 50 pounds is required.

Minimum Qualifications

Work requires a high school diploma and one year experience as a cook in a hotel, restaurant or hospital; or any equivalent combination of training and experience that provide the following knowledge, abilities, and skills:

  • Ability to cook a variety of foods in large quantities and be familiar with seasonings required and cooking times.
  • Considerable knowledge of cooking characteristics of various cuts of meat and be familiar with names and contents of a variety of dishes.
  • Ability to estimate quantities of food required. Avoiding food waste.
  • Ability to supervise and work cooperatively with others.
  • Considerable initiative and judgment in setting up meals, seasoning and preparation of food in an attractive and
    palatable manner.

Licenses & Other Requirements

  • Food Handler Certificate Required

Parkway Center

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