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Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher

Parkway Center - Sterling, IL
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About Parkway Center

Parkway Center is the only privately and locally owned independent living facility in the Sterling, IL area. It was originally founded by Richard & Juanita Prescott in 1987 and is currently owned by Bryan and Marce Haas. Their goal was to create a facility where residents could live life to the fullest and forget about the stress of housework, yard maintenance, laundry, and meal preparation. After Parkway Center earned its Certificate of Need by the State of Illinois in December of 1986, the first resident moved into the facility in August of 1987.

Job Description

Work involves assistance in serving food, setting up individual food servings, transporting tableware from the dining area to the kitchen, operating the dishwasher, and preparing tableware to be washed. Work is performed under the direction of the Dietary Manager/Cook.


(This is not absolute or restrictive, but indicates approximate duties and responsibilities which may be redefined pursuant to operational needs.)

  • Assures sanitary condition of tableware; discards broken or chipped glassware.
  • Assures sufficient quantities of tableware in time to meet meal schedules.
  • Assures cleanliness of kitchen equipment and all working areas.
  • Prepares individual servings of dry cereal and makes coffee.
  • Assists in setting up trays, dishing food, serving food and is alert to residents in the dining needs.
  • Collects and receives tableware and transports tableware to dishwashing area; scrapes food and prepares tableware for washing; cleans dishes, glassware, silverware, pot and pans and kitchen utensils; operates dishwasher; determines soap volume and wash/rinse water at proper temperature.
  • Transports cleaned and dried kitchenware to proper storage.
  • Arranges dining tables and chairs; polishes fixtures; cleans worktables, refrigerators and kitchen equipment.
  • Sweeps and mops floors; removes garbage from kitchen area.

Physical Demands & Work Environment

  • Work is performed in a clean, well-lighted and ventilated kitchen. The atmosphere is warm, moist, and odorous from cooking foods. Subject to possible burns from hot foods and kitchen utensils and cuts from knives. Walking, standing, stooping, reaching, bending, climbing stairs and carrying food items and kitchen equipment up to 50 pounds required.

Minimum Qualifications

Work requires some kitchen experience that provides the following knowledge, ability and skills:

  • Knowledge of dishwashing machine operation.
  • Ability to set up individual portions of food.
  • Knowledge in cleaning various types of surfaces.
  • Knowledge of various tasks performed in a kitchen.
  • Ability to read, write and follow oral and written directions.
  • Ability to use judgment in operating machines and maintaining a clean and orderly kitchen.
  • Ability to maintain good working relationships with personnel and residents.

Licenses & Other Requirements

  • N/A

Parkway Center

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